SeaGen S

SeaGen System in Strangford Lough

The SeaGen S system consists of twin power trains mounted on a crossbeam. The cross beam can be raised above the water for routine maintenance by winching it up the monopole support structure.

SeaGen S is suitable for marine environments in water depths up to 38 metres and achieves rated power in tidal currents of greater than 2.4m/s.

MCT is bringing a SeaGen S 2MW product to market for use in commercial scale tidal projects, including the demonstration array projects initiated by MCT.

The SeaGen S 2MW product has incorporated a number of design changes following testing of the system in Strangford Lough; with the most significant being an increased rated power to 2MW and an increased rotor diameter from 16m to 20m.

SeaGen S CAD