SeaGen Technology

The SeaGen tidal technology is derived from over 20 years of continuous leading edge research and development experience. The SeaGen system has been designed with a philosophy where reliability and efficiency are paramount, combined with a solid and conservative design approach.

Key design features of the SeaGen technology include:

  • axial flow rotors that drive a generator via a gearbox - much like a hydro-electric turbine or a wind turbine
  • pitch controlled rotors – optimise tidal energy harvest and minimise forces acting on the structure
  • blades positioned in the top third of the water column where tidal flow is fastest
  • rated power is achieved in tidal currents faster than 2.4m/s
  • electrical infrastructure within support structure provides grid compliant electricity with no need for external power conditioning
  • support structure that enables the turbines to be raised out of the water for ease of maintenance

Key advantages of the SeaGen technology are:

  • Extensively tested
  • Proven performance
  • Maximised energy capture
  • Low operational and maintenance (O&M) cost and high availability
  • Fully grid compliant
  • Environmentally assessed

Further information on the SeaGen technology:

Latest News

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10 April 2014
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4 April 2014
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24 March 2014
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