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Belfast Telegraph

26 February 2014

Northern Ireland has been hailed as being at the forefront of developing energy generation from the tides.

The SeaGen tidal turbine in Strangford Lough in Portaferry, when combined with sites in the rest of the UK, has the potential to generate the same amount of power as a nuclear energy plant.

Designed and developed by Siemens-owned Marine Current Turbine, it generates electricity from two massive underwater propellers and has been installed since 2008.

Westminster Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, yesterday visited the impressive turbine for the first time...

Technology Strategy Board

6 December 2013

Underwater windmills are the future of power generation.

According to Marine Current Turbines (MCT) of Bristol they are the way forward for a type of green energy that can harness the predictability of the moon's tidal control.

They have ploughed millions of pounds worth of British investment into the concept supported by Research Council collaborations and six Technology Strategy Board grants worth over £6m.
Marine Current Turbines is now considered  as a leading tidal stream turbine manufacturer with the most hours of run time on its test machine. And their results are so exciting that after an initial smaller investment leading sustainability organisation Siemens bought the company in 2012.

Bristol Post

5 December 2013

Four business leaders from Bristol have joined the Prime Minister on a high profile trade mission to China.

David Cameron is leading the biggest ever British trade delegation to China with the goal of building deeper business ties between the countries.

Among the delegates are Airbus executive vice president Tom Williams, Bristol and Bath Science Park chief executive Bonnie Dean, Marine Current Turbines business development director David Ainsworth and Nigel Toon from semiconductor business Xmos.

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BBC Radio 5 Live

5 September 2013

On Wednesday, 5 September, BBC Radio 5 Live ran an Energy Day dedicated to a lively discussion and debate about UK energy issues, including live demonstrations of renewable energy.  For 12 hours the programme was powered entirely by renewable sources, including pedal power!  Siemens tidal business, Marine Current Turbines (MCT) and Manchester-based Siemens Power Transmission participated. Joseph Kidd from MCT and Dave Meadows from ET represented Siemens and took part in interviews during the day. Kidd provided an overview of how the SeaGen tidal turbine works to generate energy from tidal currents and what the prospects are for this innovative technology. Meadows focused on how energy is transmitted to where needed.

Tidal Today

26 March 2013

Achim Woerner, CEO of Siemens Energy Hydro and Ocean Unit, chats with Tidal Today on the recently approved development of the Skerries Tidal Stream Array and what he expects to see accomplished by the end of 2013.


4 March 2013

Today, the National Renewable Energy Centre, Narec, has announced that it will test the prototype power train for the SeaGen-S 2 megawatt (MW) device developed by Siemens-owned Marine Current Turbines (MCT).

North Wales Chronicle

28 February 2013

A MAJOR tidal power scheme off the coast of Anglesey has taken a step closer to fruitition.  First Minister Carwyn Jones announced today (Thursday, February 28) announced the Welsh Government’s approval of the Marine Current Turbines’ (MCT) Skerries Tidal Stream Array.

BBC News

27 February 2013

Wales' first commercial tidal energy farm planned off the coast of Anglesey has won Welsh government approval. The £70m Skerries Tidal Stream Array is also being backed by £10m in UK government funding.

BBC News

14 January 2013

The UK is underestimating the amount of electricity that could be generated from tidal sources, new research says.

The New York Times

2 October 2012

Hopes of harnessing the churn and flow of the seas to generate power are pushing forward work in the small but growing tidal and wave energy industry.

Power Engineering

19 September 2012

Marine Current Turbines (MCT) is the poster child of the UK's burgeoning tidal power industry.  The company was founded in 1999 developing ideas for harnessing tidal stream currents to generate electricity via submerged turbines.

Belfast Telegraph

6 September 2012

A tidal stream turbine in Strangford Lough has produced enough energy to meet the annual power consumption of 1,500 British households.



22 August 2012

Northern Ireland environment minister Alex Attwood has paid tribute to Siemens’ 1.2MW SeaGen tidal turbine during a visit to Strangford Lough today.

Power Engineering Magazine

22 August 2012

The UK saw the launch of the second marine energy park in July, which will help accelerate the commercialisation of marine power technologies and contribute to the nation's renewable energy and emission reduction targets.

Penn Energy

2 June 2012

The potential for developing tidal power in North America - particularly in Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy - is tremendous. Researchers, the provincial government of Nova Scotia and marine energy generator manufacturers have teamed up to deploy turbines that can exploit strong ocean currents without disrupting the flow of water in the bay.

The Financial Times

1 June 2012

One company is ahead of the pack. Bristol-based Marine Current Turbines (MCT) has had a device called SeaGen, one of the world’s first commercial tidal-stream generators, producing electricity in Strangford Lough, Northern Island, since 2008. It is now moving ahead with two much bigger projects, one in Scotland and the other in Wales, which will be based on SeaGen’s technology and should be functioning by 2015.

This is Cornwall

5 April 2012

Regen SW members range from leading international firms such as Garrad Hassan and Arup to growing small businesses such as Marine Current Turbines, Sungift Solar and Falmouth Divers. Major local landowners such as the Duchy of Cornwall and local authorities such as Devon, Cornwall and Bristol councils have also signed up.

Swindon Business News

5 April 2012

Regional renewable energy group Regen SW has hit a new milestone – 200 organisations have joined within just 15 months to support its mission to enable ground-breaking renewable energy projects and low carbon jobs.


5 April 2012

The U.K. began a 20 million-pound ($32 million) funding program to support demonstration projects for groups of wave and tidal power turbines. Companies can bid for funding to test arrays of devices that have already been demonstrated individually until June 1, the Department for Energy and Climate Change said today in an e-mailed statement. The winners will be announced by year-end.

Business Recorder

30 March 2012

Europe's wave and tidal power technology is likely to disappoint EU expectations for 2020 and take over a decade to contribute to energy supply in a significant way, even though it is chalking up rapid growth and drawing in big industrial investors. The nascent industry has attracted a flurry of investor activity over the past year, securing an estimated few hundred million euros from companies such as Siemens and Vattenfall.